City Of Houston Resources

City Of Houston has issued a brochure to help residents in the intial recovery. It can be downloaded from:

Houston’s Solid Waste Management Department has been out in the community collecting debris. They have asked residents to separate their debris into categories to ensure the debris is picked up faster. Information on this process can be found here:

Some local Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster (VOAD) are offering help to people who need it for clean up. They can call 1-800-451-1954 for assistance. This service is primarily targeted for people who are disabled, elderly and without insurance assistance.

Red Cross Emergency Distribution Center

A Red Cross Emergency distribution vehicle has been stationed at Foster’s Elementary School for emergency supplies. They will be present today Friday, June 3 from 1:30pm to 6:00pm and tomorrow Saturday,  June 4 from 9:00am to 3:00pm. They will be providing clean-up kits, food, and water for those affected.

Forest Cove – Memorial Weekend Flood Worst Since 1994.

After officially cresting at 61.9ft according to NOAA, the San Jacinto has begun to slowly recede. Although 5ft lower than the record 67ft in 1994, this Memorial weekend flood has been devastating to many Forest Cove residents. Overnight Saturday water started creeping into resident’s homes on Forest Cove Dr. and Cypress Ln. By Sunday May 29, water had flooded homes from Burning Tree to Palmetto Ln. Hamblen Road was completely shut off starting at Loop 494 all the way to Redbud.

hmmt2_hgPerhaps the San Jacinto river basin could be in need of better supervision and preventative management as dams upstream at Lake Conroe and downstream at Lake Houston are causing these flooding events. Add to that a total lack of dredging and years of cumulative debris clogging bridge ways and embankments that impede water flow and any large rain event becomes a disaster.

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Loop 494 & Hamblen

Access to Forest Cove is restricted to Chestnut Ridge and Trailwood. Loop 494 is blocked as is the feeder road at Sorters McClellan and Eastex 59.

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Water on feeder at Eastex and Sorters McClellan.

Many homes have been affected.

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Burning Tree.

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Cypress Ln. & Palmetto.

photos ©Beau Tardy 2016