Board of Directors

Board Members (Officer, Committee Chair): Phone
Joy Sadler (President): 281-799-0244
Matt Tielkemeijer (Vice President, Crime Statistics / PIP / Web): 832-215-1889
Meredith Crowe (Secretary, Beacon Newsletter): xxx-xxx-xxxx
Wade Hopper (Treasurer, Architectural (ACC)): 713-805-7235
Debra Vaughan (Assistant Secretary, Deed Restrictions): 281-359-5821
Steve Atchison (Property Committee): 281-757-0732
Randy Koshnick (Pool & Marina): 281-358-9809
Kurt Hilarides (Super Neighborhood Council, Drainage, Web): 281-793-993  Stephanie Chapman (Assistant Secretary): 281-435-3121

All board members are volunteers, elected by the property owners of Forest Cove for rotating three year terms. The most recent election was held on May 25, 2017. To request election information go here.

To contact the board, please email: or use our contact form here.

FCPOA board members
Year Elected Term
2017 Steve Atchison Stephanie Chapman  Matt Tielkemeijer 2017-2020
2016 Kurt Hilarides Randy Koshnick Joy Sadler 2016-2019
2015 Debra Vaughn Wade Hopper Beau Tardy
Matt Tielkemeijer apntd 2016
2014 Walt Cook
Merideth Crowe elctd 2016
Vizi Cauldwell Steve Atchison 2014-2017
2013 Jean Montes Randy Koshnick Joy Sadler 2013-2016
2012 Larry Middleton
Keith Arnold elctd 2013
Walt Cook Beau Tardy 2012-2015
2011 Marian Burrows Joe Geldens
Sam Cauldwell apntd 2013
Bill Reavis 2011-2014
2010 Christine King John Engelhardt Joy Sadler 2010-2013
2009 Larry Middleton Kurt Hilarides Debra Vaughn 2009-2012
2008 Marian Burrows Joe Geldens Keith Arnold 2008-2011
2007 Bill Reavis Rickey Osbourne
John Engelhardt elctd 2009
Joy Sadler 2007-2010
2006 Larry Middleton Kurt Hilarides Todd Vitz
Debra Vaughn elctd 2008
2005 Marian Burrows Joe Geldens Keith Arnold 2005-2008
2004 Bill Reavis Wade Hopper Claude Baker 2004-2007
2003 Max Pirner Kurt Hilarides David Kerkes 2003-2006
2002 Marian Burrows Joe Geldens Joy Sadler 2002-2005
2001 Jim Wallace
Bill Reavis
Paul Caramanian
Wade Hopper
Walt Cook 2001-2004
2000 Max Pirner Kurt Hilarides Jean Montes 2000-2003
1999 Marian Burrows Ben Neiman Jim Suggs, Jim Wallace,
Carl Quebedeaux
1998 Rafael Hernandez Steve Atchison
Paul Caramanian
Billie Wray, Bettye Norman, Mark Hovenkamp
Walt Cook
1997 Vicki Flake Billie Wray Jerry Safarik 1997-2000
1996 Marian Burrows Jack Harran Ben Neiman 1996-1999
1995 Rafael Hernandez Bob Lilley Mark Hovenkamp 1995-1998
1994 Vicki Flake Dan Johnson Wilbur Mass 1994-1997
1993 1993-1996
1992 1992-1995
New Charter this year Dan N. Johnson  Paulette Murray  Robert C. Harbour 1992-1993
Jules McLeod  Charles E. Blades  Alma Denby 1992-1993
Patsy R. Pearson  John F. Miller Jr.  Billie Wray 1992-1993

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