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The Forest Cove Beacon is the newsletter for the Forest Cove Property Owners Association. Every property owner in Forest Cove gets their free copy in the mail. If you have changed addresses or have recently bought a property in Forest Cove, be sure to notify Price & Price at 281-358-3022 to be sure to get your copy.

You can also download a digital version here:

12 thoughts on “Beacon Newsletter

    • There will be a meeting tonight Jan. 21 and we will discuss publishing a new issue of the Beacon. If you have any important items you would like covered please let us know.

  1. Concerning the airplane noise. I live on golf course and am outside most of the day and don’t find the plane noise to be bad. I wish there was as much concern for the appearance of our Forest Cove as there is for little airplane noise. There seem to be a number of homes with over grown grass and weeds. There is one on our street that hasn’t been lived in for a number of years. I told my wife a number of times that I should go down there and spray with Round Up. Hey, we should them to turn the airplanes off when they fly over Kingwood!

    • I completely agree on the appearance issue. There is a home on my street that has not been lived in for over 3 years, and I think the grassed has been mowed once a year. Weeds are approximately 3 feet tall, and they are taking over the driveway as well. There are deer literally living on the lot (I have seen 2 doe and 3 fawns there for the last 4 months). What sort of recourse is there for this type of neglect?

      • We’ll bring it up at the meeting. If you want to report an address with an unkept yard please contact Jean Montes (see Board of Directors). Deer and tall grass are also a City Of Houston issue and that can be reported to 311.

  2. Where can we see the fiscal report on our HOA? It would be ideal for everyone to see it on this site or in the Beacon. Also what percentage of residents are paying their $125.

    • The financial report is always available upon request by property owners at Price & Price, 1220 B Stonehollow Dr., Kingwood. 281-358-3022

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