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  1. The deed restrictions for Forest Cove, Section 5, on your website and recorded in the original deed restrictions filed under H.C.C.F. No. B571842, state: “No building shall be placed or maintained on any lot nearer to the street than the front or side street building set-back lines shown on the unrecorded plat.” Also, is stated: “Easements affecting all lots in this subdivision are reserved as shown on the official unrecorded plat,…”. Since the plat is unrecorded (meaning there is no record of it), how is the public to know what the building set-back line is or where the easements are located and their width? I contacted your ACC Chair, Mr. Walt Cook, concerning this question and he replied that he did not know the answer and simply said that Surveys are done in Forest Cove all the time. I am a Registered Professional Land Surveyor trying to assist my client, who has purchased a lot in Forest Cove and wants to build a new home on the lot. Without this information, I can not show the building set-backs or easements mentioned as being on some unrecorded plat. I would have thought that the plan checker with ACC would know the answer to this simple question. That possibly, there is a copy of the “official unrecorded plat” in their office or hanging on the wall, showing the set-back and easements. By the way, my client got a Title Commitment and a Survey at closing, which does not mention or show any building set-back lines or easements, even though power lines exist along the rear of the property. Would someone please respond.
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