Hurricane Harvey Storm Debris Removal Update

The following information is from council member Martin:

Houston City Council Member Dave Martin would like to remind District E residents that the process to clean up storm debris is going to take time and over the last few weeks we have made great strides. In the Kingwood and Lake Houston Area, Council Member Martin has secured the assistance of the City of San Antonio Solid Waste Management Department as well as a City of Houston contractor DRC Emergency Services. These crews are working 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., seven days a week, to help restore our community.

The District E office has just been made aware that San Antonio crews will be revisiting areas that include Royal Shores, Kings Point, and Fosters Mill in an effort to completely close out these communities, freeing up resources in the future to fully tackle the rest of the community. This news came to our office after a San Antonio Solid Waste Department strategy meeting. The San Antonio crews are now focused on clearing out complete communities to eliminate a need for additional passes. The San Antonio crews are  continuing to work diligently and are committed to assisting our area clean up as quickly as possible. Due to the varying sizes of each individual neighborhood, debris piles per home, and sheer amount of devastation in our area, there is no timeline for first or second pickups of debris.  

There have been some homes in which their first pass is well over 7 tons alone, which makes timing very hard to predict. Additionally, once a truck is filled, it then must make a trip to the landfill in Atascocita for dumping. This trip to the landfill which includes weighing and document completion takes on average two hours. These factors make it impossible to estimate when these trucks will make it into individual communities.   Continued patience from residents is appreciated. Like many other areas in the City, District E is doing all that it can with very limited resources.

To date, the San Antonio crews have completed their first pass through the following communities: Royal Shores, Kings Point, Fosters Mill, The Enclave, Riverchase Section 1, The Commons (Huffman), and Lake Houston Marina (Huffman). Crews are currently in Kingwood Greens Village, Kingwood Lakes Village, and The Barrington. The crews still need to collect debris in Magnolia Cove, Magnolia Cove Brownstones, Magnolia Point (Huffman), Riverbend, Riverchase Section 2, Sandcreek Village, Woodstream Village, Woodspring Village, Dunnam Road, Hueni Road, Dogwood Lane, Worley Acres, Kings Forest, Kings Harbor, Kingwood Villas/Country Club, Kings River (Clear Sky Drive, Amber Cove Drive), Bear Branch Village (Wildwood Ridge and Maple Park Drive), Trailwood Village, Deer Ridge Estates, Deer Cove, Forest Cove, North Shore, and Belleau Woods.   The San Antonio crews have picked up over 2,000 tons of debris from Kingwood Greens, Kingwood Lakes, and The Barrington, which are just three neighborhoods that are part of a long list of affected areas. In total as of Saturday, September 16, the San Antonio crews have collected over 12,000 tons of debris and completed more than 900 loads since they arrived in the Kingwood area on September 4.  

The District E Office will be in touch with individual HOAs to provide 24-hour notice before the debris removal trucks enter your community. This notice is given so that residents can clear their roadways and be prepared to assist the San Antonio crews by moving their debris piles forward on their lawn to make sure that all debris is picked up on the first pass. The arm on the grappler truck only reaches about ten to sixteen feet so if residents can push their trash forward while the truck are onsite that will increase the productivity of the crews. Please make sure to acknowledge these crews when you see them as they have left their homes and families in San Antonio to help our community. We encourage residents that have been affected by Hurricane Harvey to report damage to City of Houston 3-1-1 by calling (713) 837-0311 and make sure that the City of Houston has record of your damage. This 3-1-1 report is crucial and assists with the City’s report to the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA). You may also provide your address and individual service request number to assist the District E staff in keeping precise flood damage records. Thank you for your continued patience as we work to get the Lake Houston Area back on its feet.

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