FCPOA Hurricane Harvey Update

First and foremost, we hope all our residents are out of harm’s way and safe.  We know many of you are without power still so hopefully those with power can update your neighbors.  The northeast pump station which handles our sewer and water is online and working properly.  The water supply has not been compromised.  Accordingly, the big water tower at the top of the hill is running on a generator and being resupplied on a daily basis.  Please let your neighbors know they have clean drinking water and can use the toilets.  We will update residents with additional information about trash service and other city services when that information is made available.  Please click the website links on our community home page to check on updates from the city.

FCPOA Public Service Announcement

All residents of Forest Cove, please be aware of the following.  It has been reported to the FCPOA that a person(s) is going around Forest Cove trying to collect HOA fees from homeowners.  FOREST COVE DOES NOT COLLECT FEES ON A DOOR-TO-DOOR BASIS!  If someone claims to represent the FCPOA and is trying to collect HOA dues, do NOT pay them.  A statement from Price & Price is mailed to residents and payment is remitted to Price & Price.  FCPOA does NOT handle any payments directly.  If you have further questions or to report an attempt to collect fees, email the FCPOA at poa@forestcove.org or contact one of the board members.