Kingwood Traffic Study Begins.

On Tuesday, February 18, Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone #10 and the Lake Houston Redevelopment Authority, in cooperation with the City of Houston and Council Member Martin’s office, began a comprehensive traffic study in Kingwood based on comments received from residents and the community’s expected growth in the foreseeable future. Since Kingwood’s last mobility study in 2004, the community’s population, commercial development and traffic volume have increased markedly and continue to expand on a daily basis. The current study intends to develop short, medium and long range projects to promote better mobility in light of this growth.

Over a two to four week span, traffic counts will be collected by devices, such as cameras and road tubes, located on all major thoroughfares throughout the area. After these counts have been collected, engineers at Gunda Corporation, LLC, will evaluate the data and develop potential solutions to mitigate traffic congestion, which will then be presented to the community during a public meeting this summer. Throughout this process, Council Member Martin will take all constituent comments into consideration and will work to ensure that all proper data is obtained and evaluated before a final traffic improvement plan is chosen. He looks forward to working with the residents of Kingwood and the organizers of the study to produce a solution that will improve mobility in the area for years to come.

Note by the president of FCPOA: this study will also impact Hamblen Road and traffic cutting through Forest Cove. I urge all residents to get involved and give feedback to David Martin’s office to be included in the study by contacting (832) 393-3008 or by e-mailing to submit a CIP request.