Letter from the President of the FCPOA.

Dear Neighbors,

On May 23rd the Forest Cove POA had a board election as some member terms where expiring. All members serve on a voluntary basis and are elected by the property owners in Forest Cove. The elections are announced officially by mail and online at www.forestcove.org.

Elected to the board were: Joy Sadler, Randy Koshnick, Jean Montes and Keith Arnold. Additionally, long serving board member Joe Geldens retired and well known Forest Cove resident Sam Caldwell was nominated to fill in the vacancy temporarily until the term expires. The new board has designated new committee chairs and nominated me, Beau Tardy, as its new president. As a ‘rookie’ property owner in Forest Cove, having moved here 4 years ago, I am very honored to have been selected. This is my second year serving on the board and I can attest to the dedication and hard work of every single board member. The main purpose of the POA is to help keep Forest Cove one of the nicest places to live in Harris County and beyond.

As a property owner and resident you know how wonderful our neighborhoods are with their large lots and leafy streets. This is a great place to live for young and old within a warm and friendly community. Our Forest Cove community spirit can best be shared by helping our neighbors and enjoying great get-togethers like the famous 4th of July BBQ. Please be sure to come down to the Community Center and join the family fun as we celebrate what makes this place so special.

This summer, also be sure to enjoy our beautiful community pool that has just been resurfaced and looks fantastic. Every property owner in good standing has free admission with their bracelet, which can be obtained on site. Finally be sure to visit our new website at www.forestcove.org and share your comments and concerns. I can be reached at poa@forestcove.org. Have a great summer!

Beau Tardy, President, Forest Cove POA.